Dr.Eddie Murphy

Dr Eddie has advocated extensively for;

Resetting suicide reduction target from a paltry 10% over 5 years to 30% over 5 years.
Increasing the HSE mental health budget from an indefensible 6% to an effective 13%
Close ‘Aras Attracta’ type congregate settings and promote community based supports that enable lives with dignity.
Restoration of Career Guidance/Counsellors in Secondary Schools
An education system that promotes wellbeing & resilience life skills programs in primary & secondary schools

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Dr.Eddie Murphy, Psychologist

About Dr.Eddie Murphy

Dr. Eddie is the psychologist on RTE’s Operation Transformation where his practical, respectful and hope orientated approach using cutting edge psychological research – CBT, Mindfulness, Solution Focused therapy, to help you become your real self.

Dr. Eddie is an engaging, dynamic and entertaining public speaker and has given many seminars and training events on mental health, wellness to the general public, schools, professionals, organisations and companies.

Dr Eddie is a Registered Clinical Psychologist – Psychological Society of Ireland

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Dr.Eddie Murphy Becoming Your Real Self

Become Your Real Self & Transform

  • Stress into Relaxation
  • Depression into Hope
  • Anxiety into Freedom
  • Shyness into Confidence
  • Anger into Calmness
  • Social Anxiety into Confidence
  • Low self-esteem into self-worth
  • Emotional rating into Self-Control

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Psychologist in Laois

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    Dr. Eddie offers a professional, caring and confidential (within legal & ethical guidelines) counseling & therapy.

    Counselling and psychotherapy involves a collaborative relationship in which one person helps another to help themselves. An individual and a psychologist meet together to discuss difficulties that the person feels are creating a problem in their life and/or relationships.

    Counselling can be used to deal with personal or work related problems.

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    Dr.Eddie Murphy, Psychologist

    Dr. Eddie is one of Irelands Best Know & Trusted Psychologist Working in the Media

    If you need a clinical psychologist for your project

    email [email protected]

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    Dr. Eddie Provides Specialist Medico-Legal, Capacity & Family Law Reports:

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Reports
    Victim Impact Reports
    Psychological Impact Associated With Occupation Incidents or Medical Negligence
    Road Traffic Collisions (RTA) / Moving Vehicle
    Parent Capacity Assessments
    Section 47 Reports – Custody & Access Reports
    Capacity Assessments


    Psychologist for Business

    Employee Assistance
    Trauma Management
    Critical Incident Management
    Emergency Services – Fire, Garda, Ambulance & Army
    Business Consulting

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    Psychologist Speakers

    School & Community Talks
    Work & Corporate

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