Dr. Eddie Murphy and his team provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) / Staff Support Services that includes a confidential Staff Care Support, short term Counselling, Psychotherapy and when necessary, organises referral and follow-up for individuals with personal or work related problems.

Having completed an MBA Smurfit Business School Dr. Eddie Murphy is aware of the issues in relation to the individual and the organization


The service can help with many types of personal difficulties, including the following

Stress – personal or work-related
Emotional and Psychological Problems
Addictions – e.g. alcohol, drugs, gambling
Depression / Anxiety
Health and Medical Problems
Chronic Pain & Fatigue presentations
Financial Difficulties
Difficulties associated with Voluntary or Early Retirement
Marital and Relationship Problems
Eating Disorders
Sexual Harassment
Grief, Bereavement & Major Losses
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are being used increasingly by most forward thinking organisations to enhance their Human Resource, Employee Relations Strategy and Personnel functions and yet will not get absorbed by them.


Employees who feel cared for by the organisation are more likely to perform well and sustain good morale. The aim of any EAP service is to help alleviate workplace stress by preventing absenteeism, high recruitment costs and staff turnover, poor performance and poor productivity. In this climate of litigation it is also imperative to have procedures in place to help deal with problems and conflict in the workplace.

Dr. Eddie Murphy Employment Assistance Program can be seen as proactive in the early identification and prevention of problems in the workplace.



When terrible things happen people may get hurt, individuals may react in various ways and interpret the event that have occurred in different ways.

Dr. Eddie Murphy provides Pre-incident Trauma Management& Post Trauma Support to individuals, managers, organisations etc

That service provision assists Employers’ duties of care under both common and statute law include the need to take reasonable care of the health and safety of the workforce. This includes both the moral and legal duties to consider the psychological needs of personnel following exposure to traumatic events related to the workplace.

What is a Critical Incident?

A traumatic or critical incident is any event that is outside the range of usual human experience.

It is an event that causes an unusually intense stress reaction which has the emotional power to overwhelm an individual’s usual ability to cope immediately or in the future following the event. It may impair their ability to adjust, and it may negatively impact on their work.

Examples of Critical Incidents Include

Death or serious injuries to an individual.
Personal loss or injury, real or threatened
Personnel being violently threatened
Close encounter with death
Suicide of a fellow worker
A disaster situation
Other incidents not covered above but which are associated with unusually strong emotional reactions.

What does Trauma Event Management Involve?

Dr. Eddie provides services that accord with current best practices in the area of psychological management of traumatic events.

What are the aims of Trauma Event Management management?

To maintain health and productivity
To encourage peer support
To educate the participants on the ‘normal’ reactions that can be experienced after a traumatic event
To mitigate against the long-term harmful effects of traumatic stress
To return staff to normal work patterns
To enhance the overall environment in which the person works and lives
Why do I need to react to critical incidents? What are the benefits to the organisation?
It accords with the legal duty of care that organizations have within health and safety legislation
It shows that the organization cares thereby promoting ethical practices
By offering an intervention you may be able to influence legal proceedings or awards by having a system that responds to individuals in distress
Most significantly employees who feel cared for have more positive attitudes towards the organisation which often is reflected in their commitment to work.
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Dr. Eddie Murphy has a particular interest and experience in the provision of Critical Incident and Trauma Management services and EAP systems to Fire & Rescue Service Personnel.

Dr. Eddie has a unique understanding of the issues & challenges that face the Retained Fire Fighter and the Fire & Rescue Service Management Team.

Dr. Eddie provides this service for Laoise County Fire and Rescue Service.


Dr. Eddie offer consultancy to organisations and companies in the design of Policy and Procedures in relation to the following areas

Critical & Traumatic Incidents

Workplace Violence

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Stress Management


Dr. Eddie offers support, advice and guidance to managers on all types of people care issues including:

Critical Incident & Trauma Management
Conflict Management & Resolution
Issues Related To Workplace Violence
Team Building
Communication Skills
Workplace Suicide
Leadership Styles
Issues Related To Workplace Bullying
Ambition & Networking
Coping With Redundancy
Interview Techniques
Management Style
Managing Change
Marketing / Persuasion / Selling
Psychology Of Customers – What Catches The Consumers Eye
Strategic Thinking
Teaching & Training Others
Team Building
Resilience –
Managing Stress in Hard Times
Managers are staff too and they may also avail of Dr. Eddie Murphy services for personal or work related difficulties.