TALKS – ‘An Engaging, Humorous & Thought Provoking Speaker’

Dr. Eddie has extensive experience in presenting to schools (learners and teachers), workplaces, communities and corporate events talking about a broad range of topics.

He has provided hundreds of Talks & Workshops – working closely with organisers the content targets the key messages e.g.

Schools – Resilience for teenagers, Stress management for teachers, Mindfulness for teachers, Transform your Leaving Cert, Cyber Bullying,

Community – Building Resilience, Positive Parenting, Parenting the Teen, Social Media for Teens

Workplaces – Change, Stress Management, Coping With Retirement

My motto is ‘Think Complex … Talk Simple’ a powerful concept that was taught to me by my professor – Prof. Alan Carr, Professor of Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology,  University College Dublin.

With this motto ‘Think Complex … Talk Simple’ Dr. Eddie Murphy translates the gems of psychological theory and practice into common sense advice and guidance so that everybody can understand.

Dr. Eddie Murphy is an engaging, humorous and thoughtful speaker.


Dr. Eddie Murphy designs and customises training programs specifically to meet the needs of the participants and organisations. Workshops can be provided on a range of subjects including the following topics for Managers / Supervisors / Employees