A Parisian Nightmare

A Parisian Nightmare   Terrorism is about instilling fear. An attack on a football match, restaurant and a concert venue.  In general, the way we look at the world is ‘benevolent’ – that it’s a good place and that good things happen.  Boom, bang, shots fired and a world view is shattered.  The ordinary life [...]

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Becoming Your Real Self

Are you your Real Self? Too often I find people investing time and energy into their front and ignoring their real self.  in the space between are emotional pains – Panic, Fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship conflicts, trauma  etc.  People knew where they want to go but don’t have the map or tools.   [...]

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A Mindful Moment

A Mindful Moment Lots of us get caught up in the rat race of doing. There is not enough hours in the day to get the list done, in addition the lists seems to never end and new tasks get added quicker than we take them off. Take Ann, who I saw a number of [...]

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