Intrusive Thoughts

Tom writes “Dr. Eddie, I am really struggling with particular thoughts that come into my head and actions that I do. Let me explain I am 47 years old, have a lovely wife and two wonderful children one working and the other in in college. I almost own my home and carry little debt, have [...]

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Mary’s Writes   Dr. Eddie ‘I am 70 years and my problem is I cannot sleep. Let me be clear, I am in bed and go off asleep at about 4 in the morning, waking up around 6, getting about 2 hours per night for about 5 nights a week and for about two nights [...]

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Develop Your Mental Fitness

I am very passionate about the area of mental fitness. It’s a critical life skill and I think it needs to be taught in primary and secondary schools as much as reading, writing and arithmetic! The type of mental fitness I am talking about is not related to brain fitness to ward off Alzheimer’s or [...]

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