Everyone experiences sadness during their lives, and it is important to distinguish between this sadness and depression. Too many professionals are too quick to medicalise sadnesss and reactions to major life events such as redundancy, bereavement, marital breakdown etc.   Nevertheless when you are finding it difficult to escape from this low mood and sad [...]

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I love her but I don’t like her.

She walks into the room, with a nervous warm smile. First session, always the hardest. Recently, I was thinking about Anne a remarkable woman who came to see me with panic attacks. I look forward to Anne coming to sessions because she works extremely hard to tackle her fears.  She comes in and takes me [...]

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From Panic Attacks to Freedom

Panic attacks are light ‘straight jackets’, as they restrict the you and the fear is so overpowering.  The two most important facts about Panic Attacks are   They are terrifying They are not dangerous   One in ten people will get a panic attack.  There are the panic attacks that we can predict for example [...]

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