A Parisian Nightmare

A Parisian Nightmare   Terrorism is about instilling fear. An attack on a football match, restaurant and a concert venue.  In general, the way we look at the world is ‘benevolent’ – that it’s a good place and that good things happen.  Boom, bang, shots fired and a world view is shattered.  The ordinary life [...]

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Trauma & Coping   The tragic fire in Carrickmines and the death of Garda Tony Golden highlight the fragility of life. While our lives may be diverse from other groups or roles in society we are all tied by the common bond of humanity and loss. I am aware that these tragedy’s will amplify feels [...]

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Congregate Sessions

The HSE reacted promptly and with apparent gravity to the abuse in Aras Attracta, exposed by RTE’s ‘Prime Time’ programme, once it was made aware of it. The nine staff directly involved in the abuse were “put off duty” on a without-prejudice basis pending investigation, the matter was referred to An Garda Siochana and HIQA [...]

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Celtic Tiger Fallout – Financial Distress 

  Did you get caught or did you escape? Imagine being frozen with negative emotions and unable to see light at the end of the tunnel.  For many and just by an accident of timing they were too young or too old to get caught up accumulating personal debt and mortgage debt with its associated [...]

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Traumatic Grief   The tragedy in Berkeley with the tragic loss of six lives has cast negativity over this summer. The J1 is a wonderful opportunity for students to have fun, learn about a new country and yet it turned out a disaster for these students and their families. For many people the outpouring of [...]

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  Is it me or is cyberbullying going out of control.  With the tragic death of the teenager Ronan Hughes, 17, from Co Tyrone who took his own life after being dubed into posting images on the internet, to 14-year-old Laurena Woods, from  Ashbourne Co Meath who thankfully found, was alleged to have gone missing [...]

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