Dr.Eddie Murphy – Becoming Your Real Self

Become Your Real Self & Transform

  • Stress into Relaxation
  • Depression into Hope
  • Anxiety into Freedom
  • Shyness into Confidence
  • Anger into Calmness
  • Social Anxiety into Confidence
  • Low self-esteem into self-worth
  • Emotional rating into Self-Control

If you’re in a good place in your life, how do you stay there? If you’re in a bad place in your life, how do you get out of it? Here’s how…On RTE’s hit show, Operation Transformation psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy works with participants to identify the emotional impact of their unhealthy lifestyles and to come up with workable strategies to help them manage stress and emotional issues. His work leads to many light-bulb moments and is crucial to helping participants achieve their goals. Now, Eddie shares his methods for building up and maintaining good mental health and a positive outlook. He explains simple ways we can keep our busy lives in balance and cope with the many demands on our time and energy. And he also explains how faulty thinking and behaviour patterns sustain problems such as panic attacks, depression, anxiety, anger and low self-esteem. Tackling these patterns will give us the tools to break free from negative emotions and beliefs. Becoming Your Real Self offers simple but amazingly effective tools for being the best we can be and also for identifying unhelpful habits that we can change. With Becoming Your Real Self as your bible, you will be able to release yourself from the tyranny of negative emotions and embrace the life you want and deserve.


Dr. Jonathon Egan

– National University Ireland – Galway – Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

This book is a road map which most people will benefit from. It deals with anxiety and depression, but differently to other books available in that the author, Dr Murphy, a Clinical Psychologist by training, is calling on people to become their real selves. This book is about what it means to live a real and authentic existence, to de-shackle your self from what society says you should be as a mother, a father, a nurse, an accountant and to listen to your own uniqueness, to understand that your previous life till now does not have to take the same trajectory. Dr Murphy’s empathy, love and caring attitude can be felt throughout the book, creating an internal guide for the reader. When I was reading the book and started to become critical of myself, Dr Murphy intuitively understood that readers might be doing this and the following paragraph would then ask us not to be hard on ourselves, that we do not need to get stuck in a groove. All therapists, GPs and Mental Health Professionals now have access to a serious therapeutic tool which they can prescribe to their patients or clients. I will recommend it to all the Doctoral Trainees I supervise in my role as the Deputy Director of the Doctor of Clinical Psychology Programme at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Niamh Ni Rian

– Reader Feedback

Operation Transformation’s Psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy takes you on a journey of self-discovery  to your Real Self, the person inside your heart and mind.  His book brings you through trials and tribulations of the challenges that you and I face daily of every situations the small stuff and the big scary stuff. Its practical approaches on changing your life for the better and accounts from people like you and I with the same problems he’s seen and worked with in his therapy room, this book is a must have for every person to have on their shelf.  Whether you’re going through difficulties yourself or you care and want to help a loved one with knowledge and know about mental health from a man with many years’ experience and success. Stick the kettle on and take a seat your therapy session is just about to start …………….. thoroughly enjoyable read.

geraldine – Amazon reader

I found this book very helpful and easy to understand. Since I read this I am practicing mindfulness in my everyday life ,and I find it reduces stress immensely and keeps me focused .I have read other psychology books but didn’t get much benefit from them as they include a lot of jargon. I would highly recommend it.