Modern life has become more and more stressful.  Often stress is something that gets a grip of you and does not let go. You may feel your life is turned upside down by it. You may feel it changes your nature.

Stress impacts our feelings – anxiety, fear, sadness, panic, guilt, anger and dissatisfied about yourself and your life. You might feel you are easily overwhelmed by life.

Stress impacts our thoughts – thoughts about what could go wrong. Thoughts about the way you believe you have screwed things up in your life. Thoughts about being a failure. You may have low self-esteem. You might feel full of doom and gloom about your life.

Stress impacts our behaviours — you avoid places in case something bad happens to you. You escape from places when you feel tense. You slow down. You cry a lot. You drink more. You retreat from life. You try to protect yourself against the world.

Stress impacts on our body — you may feel unwell and tense. You lack energy. Your heart races, you get headaches, your stomach churns.

Dr. Eddie Clinical Psychologist provides highly effective evidenced based CBT interventions for managing stress at the physical, emotional and cognitive levels.

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