Dr. Eddie has extensive experience in providing psychology therapy to children & adolescences.

Children & Adolescences who are experiencing difficulties often struggle in learning, in relationships at home or in school and in emotional and behavioural development.

Dr. Eddie will meet the parent(s) as part of the initial assessment, and then meet the child/teenager. Information on the issues causing concern, the child’s emotional development, ability to co-operate with treatment, etc will determine the next stage of treatment offered.

Different types of therapy can be offered which can involve working with the individual child, the parent(s), the family, the systems supporting the child (school / foster carers / social workers).

Dr. Eddie will have regular reviews with the parent(s) / social workers, being mindful all the time for the need for confidentiality between the child and therapist.

Young people and their families can be helped to work through these difficulties with the skilled help of a therapist who is specially trained to work with these issues.

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