A Psychologist’s View on Medication.

  Many people ask psychologists about medication for anxiety and depression. In fact I often think that people are more inclined to ask there counselor or psychologist than to their prescriber. From the outset clinical psychologists are not medical doctors and do not prescribe medications (in some America States they can prescribe). Aware, the organisation [...]

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Hysterectomy Query

  June writes, Dr Eddie, I would appreciate your insights and thoughts. Before anyone of my medical journey happened I am in a job – a caring profession - where I feel stressed, unsupported and burnt out.  It all started last May I had some bleeds. During this period between investigations and results, I convinced [...]

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Cyberbully – 2015 – RTE

Cyberbullying Digital technology has its upside and downsides. Our children are considered ‘Digital Natives’ i.e. able to navigate smart phones, tablets, computers, videogames and the internet. I look at my own son, Darragh who is 5yrs now and was able to manage games on the phone from 3yrs, he can change settings and leave me [...]

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First Day At Primary School – Practical Tips

It’s a timely article for me to write as our second boy Darragh 5yrs is starting school this year.  His older brother Oisín 7yrs started two years ago. Being the second he has the opportunity of being up to the school a number of times collecting so he has a familiarity about the place. Yet [...]

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Intrusive Thoughts

Tom writes “Dr. Eddie, I am really struggling with particular thoughts that come into my head and actions that I do. Let me explain I am 47 years old, have a lovely wife and two wonderful children one working and the other in in college. I almost own my home and carry little debt, have [...]

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Mary’s Writes   Dr. Eddie ‘I am 70 years and my problem is I cannot sleep. Let me be clear, I am in bed and go off asleep at about 4 in the morning, waking up around 6, getting about 2 hours per night for about 5 nights a week and for about two nights [...]

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FAULTY PIPS AND HIPS: Psychological Damage After Implant Surgery

  In recent years Irish patients have been harmed with Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) implants contain industrial grade silicone and by faulty DePuy ASR hip implants. Approximately 3,500 patients in Ireland have been thrown into massive turmoil as a result of defective hips such as the DePuy hip. These metal-on-metal hips were put into patients as it was [...]

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Letter from Client – James 2015

Many psychologists and counsellors around the county in the intimacy of therapy are exposed to the hurts people have over their life.  About a year ago I recently met James, a former client, who is in his mid-teens. He had suffered from depression but is now doing very well. I told him about writing my [...]

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I love her but I don’t like her.

She walks into the room, with a nervous warm smile. First session, always the hardest. Recently, I was thinking about Anne a remarkable woman who came to see me with panic attacks. I look forward to Anne coming to sessions because she works extremely hard to tackle her fears.  She comes in and takes me [...]

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