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Adult Children of Alcoholics

  Pat came to see me a year ago. He described having difficulties in relationships, being possessive and jealous, struggling to stay on top of his job as he was unable to complete projects, being super critical on himself.  What transpired was that Pat’s mother was a alcoholic.  He could be described as an adult [...]

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A Psychologist’s View on Medication.

  Many people ask psychologists about medication for anxiety and depression. In fact I often think that people are more inclined to ask there counselor or psychologist than to their prescriber. From the outset clinical psychologists are not medical doctors and do not prescribe medications (in some America States they can prescribe). Aware, the organisation [...]

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10 tips for Mental Fitness – Irish Independent

Enhance Your Happiness Psychologists define happiness as any pleasures and few pains.    How would you define   Task 1             The Power of Relationships with Ourselves and Others   Life is about relationships. The most powerful relationship is the one you have in your head! Is your internal voice a poisoned parrot or a [...]

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