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Traumatic Grief   The tragedy in Berkeley with the tragic loss of six lives has cast negativity over this summer. The J1 is a wonderful opportunity for students to have fun, learn about a new country and yet it turned out a disaster for these students and their families. For many people the outpouring of [...]

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  Is it me or is cyberbullying going out of control.  With the tragic death of the teenager Ronan Hughes, 17, from Co Tyrone who took his own life after being dubed into posting images on the internet, to 14-year-old Laurena Woods, from  Ashbourne Co Meath who thankfully found, was alleged to have gone missing [...]

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Health Anxiety

  There are many different types of anxiety presentations, panic, generalised anxiety, social anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to name a few. However health anxiety is a common anxiety presentation that is too often missed.  No doubt you know some person who has a beaten path to their GP’s door. Every little pain or ache [...]

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